BIOMAC: biodiversity network

BIOMAC works to increase the effectiveness of species and habitat conservation in marine and coastal ecosystems throughout the sub-region by coordinating efforts.

The project covers seven countries – Cape Verde, The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania and Senegal – who are the member nations of the Regional Marine and Coastal Conservation Programme for West Africa (PRCM). This region hosts a wealth of biodiversity, including fragile coral reefs in Cape Verde and numerous mangrove forests which are reproductive sites for various animal species.

The BIOMAC Network facilitates exchange between stakeholders within the PRCM and beyond, including other relevant conservation initiatives. The Network is also putting in place a global system for environmental alert through data analysis and dissemination from past conservation activities, capacity building amongst specific target groups, and raising awareness amongst various stakeholders.

Online portal

The BIOMAC portal was developed as part of the similarly named project to facilitate information exchange between projects which support habitat conservation and species protection in the PRCM region. The Network’s activities fall under four major axes: data collection and analysis for an ecological early warning system, capacity building, information exchange, and awareness-raising.

The Network was established after consultation with partners and stakeholders who expressed the need for a centralized resource centre on biodiversity. The conceptual model is based on an open system which is driven by neutrality and minimal editorial responsibility from the host. The user interface was developed to be a simple, user-friendly format throughout. This will become an information clearinghouse on conservation and result in an increased knowledge base on biodiversity which will:

  • be accessible to all conservation partners throughout the sub-region
  • allow open online access to post information on conservation activities

Visit the BIOMAC portal