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World Migratory Bird Day 2015 - Statement from Jane Madgwick Chief Executive Officer, Wetlands International


"World Migratory Bird Day is an annual celebration of the remarkable journeys that millions of migratory birds undertake annually from the Arctic to the Antarctic, but also reminds us of their fragility. Throughout their range, many species are facing threats as the wetlands they depend upon are transformed or disappear through human activity – not least because of developments to meet our energy needs, the theme of this year’s World Migratory Bird Day. Alongside expanding energy production, a transition to more environment-friendly methods is a high priority to protect life on the Earth and implementation of actions to minimise threats from energy production and transportation infrastructure on migratory birds is becoming more urgent.

As a founding partner, Wetlands International is a proud supporter of this campaign, and we hope that you will support us in protecting and restoring the wetlands that play such a crucial role in supporting the annual migrations of these amazing species.

Through our offices, we continue to work with local partners to promote awareness raising and conservation action. Our China office does this through convening an international workshop in Yalu Jiang National Nature on the Yellow Sea alongside the annual Dandong Bird Festival. This has been timed with the northward migration of Bartailed Godwit, many of which will fly non-stop to their breeding grounds in Alaska and arctic far east Russia. These birds have flown over 5000 km non-stop to the northern Yellow Sea coast from their non-breeding grounds in Australia and New Zealand. Our Africa office organizes support a public awareness raising event in Saint Louis, Senegal, the Senegal Delta providing a major stop over site for waterbirds of the East Atlantic Flyway.

We also encourage participation in initiatives such as ours that support conservation along the world’s major flyways and wetlands upon which these birds and people depend. On behalf of Wetlands International, I wish you successful World Migratory Bird Day celebrations."


Communications and Media Coordinator

Wetlands International Africa

Phone: +221 33 869 16 81


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