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Fatick - Senegal: Tree planting renews land and wetlands


With the support of MFS II project - Ecosystem Alliance, funded by Wetlands International Africa and its partners of IUCN Netherlands and Both Ends, a recovery by tree planting, of lost plots of land due to salt layer intrusion, was made in the municipalities of Ouyal Sandé, Diouroup, Mbellacadiao, Ngouloul and Ndof village in the area of Loulé Sessene from Monday 2nd to Thursday 4th Sept 2014.


A team led by Yahya Gueye of Wetlands International Africa was in the area to assist with the land recovery programme and rescue the plots of land that have become unsuitable for agriculture. This will help reduce pressure on forest resources in the region (See video).

This reforestation initiative in close collaboration with the Regional Department of Water and Forestry, Rural Communities and clustered populations as well as local growers associations, will help stop the advance of a salt layer that threatens the region and its people, and also to help recover some land already suffering from saline intrusion.

More than 150 hectares of saline soils are to be reforested in the forest areas of Fatick that are experiencing rapid degradation due to the combined effects of excessive exploitation of forest resources and climate change. This heightens the phenomenon of soil salinisation.

In the municipality of Loulé Sessene village Ndof (see video), an area of about 2.67 hectares was reforested with the help of the entire village. Nearly 3,000 eucalyptus nursery plants were seeded by men and women in the village, with about thirty participants. Requests for more seed plants were made. The idea is to reforest a community area, which must is to be recovered. After that, each participant will receive seedlings to reforest his own plot.

Nurseries of in Ouyal Sandé and Diouroup were visited. For more efficiency, farmers in this area have received training on best practices.

Despite the rain on Monday, producers of Diouroup likewise those from the village of Senghor reforested their plots with over 100 people participating. It is noteworthy that in this site, close monitoring should be provided by the Fatick Regional Council during reforestation sessions.

Another reforested site (about 0.5 ha) failed to have a good recovery of plants that were planted. Some rules were not followed before seeding and corrective measures need to be made to address this unfortunate situation.



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