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Gandon - Saint-Louis - Senegal: Ecosystem Alliance Project improves earnings and livelihood for Ndèye Wade and women of her village


Ndèye Wade, was not in the secrets of good practices to prepare and conserve oysters she use to harvest it in the channel of Doune Baba Dièye, her village in the Gandon district in the region of St. Louis in Senegal.

Ndèye Wade was hence losing a bowl of her oyster production, which is about 25 kg of oysters rotting daily in her hands. A Kilogram of oysters being sold at 2000 FCFA, it is a net loss of 50,000 CFA francs per day for Ndèye Wade. (See Video)

With a dozen of other women of the Gandon Inter Village Committee (CIV), Ndèye Wade participated in two training sessions organized by the Alliance Ecosystem Project funded by Wetlands International Africa with the support of its partners, IUCN Netherlands and Both ends, in the form of two exchange visits, first in Dassilamé in Fatick, then in Ndèye Wade’s village in St. Louis.

With her friends, Rokhaya, Awa, Isseu, Safiétou, Ndeye Fatou, Fatou Dème and others, Ndèye Wade is no longer afraid to produce a lot of oysters. Thanks to the Inter Village Association (AIV) of Dassilamé and the experience of its women producing oysters, Ndèye Wade learned how to purify oysters in the best conditions of hygiene, how to cook and shuck and especially how do to keep fresh oysters for four days.

Through Ecosystem Alliance, Ndèye Wade and her fellows in the project can now increase their revenue and improve the living conditions of their families.

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