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Raising public awareness on environmental protection: Radio production tools and staff training granted to Kasumai Community Radio (Guinea-Bissau)


 The demo project No5 CCLME recently donated a set of audio production equipments to the Kasumai Community Radio of Sao Domingos in Guinea-Bissau. The set comprised a computer, microphones, headphones and last generation MP3 recorders. This logistical support aims to strengthen the radio station, created in 1995, to renew and modernize its technical equipment. The donation follows a request formulated, in Bissau, last April to Wetlands International Africa Communications and media coordinator, by Bala Sambou the Director of Kasumai radio, who expressed the need to have new equipment.

SAM 5072

The technical equipment donation ceremony was held in Sao Domingos, within the premises of the radio station. It was attended by the staff, the director of the nongovernmental organization called AD, founder of the radio, the Staff coordinator of GPC and officials of Wetlands International Africa (WIA) as well as those of IUCN.

Eugene George Mangu, the director of AD, thanked Wetlands International Africa (WIA) for their kind gesture. He said the donated production material will boost the commitment of the community radio’s staff in their endeavors for the people of Sao Domingos.

Dr. Joaozinho Sa, the national coordinator of WIA Guinea-Bissau, magnified the gesture. He urged the staff of Kasumai Community Radio to make good use of the new production equipments and further invite them to take advantage of their new production tools to better educate local communities in reforestation and mangrove conservation as well as the preservation of the environment in general.

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