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In a bid to give substance to the commitment of the Government of Senegal to implement a sustainable national policy of wetlands in the country, Wetlands International Africa whis has won the tender on this project, ended on thursday, September 19th 2013 in Dakar, a workshop on sharing and evaluation reports of thematic studies prior to the validation and launch of this policy that will be at the center of Senegal government's policy for the management of wetlands. 

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 In this audio clip, Ibrahima Thiam, the Regional Director of Wetlands International Africa recalled that the Government of Senegal has entrusted the elaboration of the National Policy of wetlands to his organization which is known for its expertise on wetlands and environment related issues as well as its commitment for the respect and implementation of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

Hence the importance for Wetlands International Africa to quickly give shape and content to the discussions at the workshop. Mr. Thiam recalled that wetlands play a very important role in the ecosystem and the livelihoods of people. Listen to Ibrahima Thiam.

While thanking the dutch government for its support to the Government of Senegal in its activities for environmental protection, Colonel Moustapha Mbaye, Deputy Director of the National Parks Department (NPD) has also hailed the consistency and leadership of Wetlands International Africa in the fight for the conservation, preservation and sustainable management of wetlands.

Colonel Mbaye stressed, however, that the thematic reports, sponsored by Wetlands International Africa, are of vital importance for the formulation and implementation of a sustainable national wetlands policy by the State of Senegal who has wasted too much time in the domain. Listen to Colonel Moustapha Mbaye.

It should be recalled that the National policy of wetlands has long remained a pious wish of Senegalese authorities, despite the decision in 2004 to implement the project. However, a real political will has emerged for some time, which finally triggered the launch of a tender that was won by Wetlands International Africa. Since then, the organisation works closely with the Department of National Parks of Senegal and partners in developing the thematic studies of this policy  which will serve as a basis for the launch and implementation the National policy of wetlands.

After validating the thematic studies, zonal workshops are planned in all regions to prepare the launch and implementation of the National policy on wetlands of Senegal.


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