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Transfer of Manatee from CITES Appendix II to Appendix I


 COP 16 approves Africa request in Bangkok
The 16th Conference Of Parties (COP 16) in Bangkok, Thailand (march 03 to march 14, 2013) has approved unanimously the transfer of west African manatee from CITES Appendix II to Appendix I. This transfer is a result of a long process of all West African countries.

The proposal has been made officially by the sub-regional countries during the workshop organized by Wetlands International Africa and Sub-Regional Fisheries Commission in Dakar on February 18th and 19th, 2013. The governments of Senegal, Sierra Leone and Benin have well defended the project. The three countries have presented and discussed about the West African Manatee and its need for enhanced international protection (Cop 16 Prop .13). The opportunity has been taken yesterday to talk on status, threats, and future of the manatee, which is a forgotten species.  They have convinced many countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and New Zealand and some conservation organizations to support the proposal for the transfer of West African Manatee from CITES Appendix II to Appendix I. With this approval, now international trade of specimen of this species is forbidden by COP 16.
West African Manatee (Trichechus Senegalensis) is a species of the Trichechidae, a sirenian, mermaid like sea cow that can grow up to 4 meters and weigh 500 kilograms. It is classified as vulnerable on IUCN’s Schedule Red of Threatened Species and Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES).
Pape Diomaye THIARE
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