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UNFCCC Durban Conference Update: Agriculture, Rural Development and Climate Change


Durban, South Africa - The South Africa Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, Mrs. Tina Joemat - Pettersson hosted a forum at which she called on the 500 representatives of leading agricultural institutions to act urgently on agriculture. She explains that there was no time left for discussions and inaction but urged everyone to focus on a common message, bury divisions and stand together on behalf of the rural population.

The World Bank’s Vice President for Sustainable Development and Chair of CGIAR Rachel Kyte, underlined the growing evidence that agriculture, when done right, can deliver the triple wins of reduced hunger and poverty, greater resilience in the face of climate change, and lower greenhouse gas emissions and that Business as usual will not work.

Experts predict that across West and Central Africa, dry area will become drier and wet area wetter, with longer and more frequent dry periods expected. An increase in temperature is also likely, encouraging the proliferation of pests that are detrimental to staple crops.

Wetlands International Africa is in agreement that governments no longer need to choose between feeding their populations and protecting the environment. It is now possible to do both by applying smart climate practices such as putting the right technology into the hands of the farmers.

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