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West African Climate Change Must Not Be Business As Usual


Accra, Ghana - Africa must mitigate, hold off and adapt to the effects of climate change, “for us it must not be business as usual”, says Mr. Charles Amankwa, representing the Ghana Wildlife Division (Ghana Forestry Commission) at a meeting of West African Journalists. Mr. Amankwa went on to reiterate the need to "put in place a strategy to address the emerging Climate Change Climate change issues.


It is widely acknowledge that the changing climate shall likely be a catastrophe for Africa. Already, severe droughts and desertification are impacting water supplies in some regions while extreme flooding takes away the livelihoods of others. The poorest are likely to be hit the hardest as viable farmland and pastureland are diminished, diseases such as malaria increase and water and food shortages become the order of the day. 

Members of the press in Africa are central to public discussions determining national opinion and influencing policy choices. Their abilities to effectively report on national and international climate change discussions as well as the day to day impacts of climate change are quite imperative.

The cross-learning workshop that took place on 27th September to October 4th 2010 in Accra, Ghana provided an opportunity for a diverse group of print and electronic journalists, all members of the Network of West and Central African Journalists for Agriculture (RJAOCA) to share ideas and learn from each other’s climate change reporting. 

West Africa as a region faces similar climate change threats and a combined approach to addressing this is encouraged. Through a combination of presentations, debates, “wetting their feet” (fieldwork) and plenary discussions, the press correspondents widened their knowledge base while garnering practical hands on experience and interacting with West-African colleagues. 

The cross-learning program was facilitated by Wetlands International - Africa (WIA), the Centre for Technical Assistance for Rural and Agricultural Development (CTA), the Centre for African Wetlands (CAW) and the Ghana Wildlife Department.


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