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First steps in improving coastal management in Sierra Leone


Freetown, Sierra Leone - A task force has been created in Sierra Leone to improve the management of its coastal areas, with the aim of biodiversity conservation and effective marine and coastal resource management. Together with the baseline studies, their work will provide the necessary input to develop conservation activities that will have major impact at the national level.

The Task Force is selected from members of the steering committee of the Pilot Project for Coastal Zone Management. It consists of staff from Wetlands International, Conservation Society for Sierra Leone, and the Ministries of Fisheries and Marine Resources, and Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, and the Institution for Marine Biology and Oceanography. The Task Force will involve different community groups from different coastal areas of this West African country in order to include them into the planning process.

Creation process

The Task Force was created after a long and inclusive process, facilitated by WIA through the Programme de Regional de Conservation de la zone côtière et Marine (Regional Programme for Coast and Marine Conservation – PRCM).


With the presence of all the stakeholders mentioned above, the Task Force prepared and organized the Project Launch on January 12, 2010. The launch also included a partnership networking conference for Sierra Leone, which includes all PRCM NGO’s that can support initiative in Serra Leone. 


Basline study

Aim of the PRCM work in Sierra Leone is to create two Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in the country. One site has already been identified and studied in detail on socio-economics, ecology, hydrology, and governance framework, following a desk review.




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