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National roundtable on capacity building for climate change Adaptation


Dakar, Senegal - Before the partner round-table on capacity building about climate change, Wetlands International Africa invited approximately 15 key partners active in capacity building to discuss the existing training programmes, gaps, and opportunities with respect to climate change adaptation, food security, water and health.


Wide geographic range allows for participation in eight East and West African countries, both Anglophone and Francophone. This interdisciplinary approach allowed approximately fifteen actors to contribute virtually, and allowed for mobilisation of a similar number of participants to the roundtable. Sub-regional contributions shared information on the need for training linked to the two campaigns.

Strengthened by these contributions, the Roundtable was able to develop major guidelines on the need for training in the African region. The results of this workshop were shared at the Capacity Building Roundtable held in the Netherlands from 28 to 29 September, 2009.


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