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The International Investment Bank provides grant to Wetlands International to support peatland restoration in Russia

In accordance with its environmental responsibility policy and promoting sustainable development in its member states, the International Investment Bank (IIB) has provided a grant to support the implementation of the second phase of the project “Restoring Peatlands in Russia – for fire p...

08/12/2016 16:01:00


Asian Wetland Symposium 2017

In November 2017, “Asian Wetland Symposium 2017” will be held in Saga, Japan.

17/11/2016 08:38:00


An international workshop on "Restoration of peatlands in Russia: project outcomes and cooperation perspectives" was held on September 27-28 in the town of Vladimir and the Meschera National Park

Workshop participants got an insight into peatland management, conservation, and restoration in Russia and worldwide. They were made aware of outcomes of the Project "Restoring peatlands in Russia – for fire prevention and climate change mitigation" that were obtained in 2012&ndas...

06/10/2016 21:46:00



In January 2016, tens of thousands of people across the world will participate in the 50th count of the International Waterbird Census (IWC). The IWC is a long-term programme for monitoring the status of water birds in the non-breeding season. The Census was launched by the International Wetlands an...

21/12/2015 09:13:00


Training of Trainers Workshop on Flyway Approach to the conservation and wise use of water birds and wetlands

The training workshop aimed to enhance local training capacities with regard to conservation and sustainable use of migratory waterbirds and their key wetland sites was held in the Kenozersky National Park from 23 to 27 September 2014.

13/10/2014 20:49:00


NEWS: Peat restoration – the key solution for large peat-fires in Russia

Thanks to an active and laborious fire-fighting operation the recent peat and forest fires in Tver Province were localised and the region was saved from events becoming as dramatic as in 2010 when dense smoke haze covered the city of Moscow for weeks. Still, the region’s economy and ...

25/08/2014 14:06:00


downloadable PDF data of “33 Examples of the Cultures and Technologies of Wetlands in Japan”

"33 Examples of the Cultures and Technologies of Wetlands in Japan" was published in March 2012 with the Grant from the Japan Fund for Global Environment.

08/05/2012 07:34:00


Dr. Tatsuichi Tsujii receives the Ramsar Award

We are honoured to report that Dr. Tatsuichi Tsujii, president of Wetlands International Japan, is confirmed to be the 2012 Wetland Conservation Award in the category of Science.

08/11/2011 11:20:00


WIJ hosts “Blessings of Wetlands Tasting Event” for WWD2011

On February 2nd, 2011, WIJ hosted “Blessing of Wetlands Tasting Event” within “Ramsar 40th Anniversary Symposium,” held by Ministry of Environment of Japan (MoE).

07/02/2011 03:27:00


Expert meeting of Inventory for Culture and Practice of Wetlands

WIJ is holding a meeting of Inventory for Culture and Practice of Wetlands on January 13, 2011 at Kyodo Station Chuo, Tokyo, as one of the Ramsar-40th and World Wetlands Day (WWD) celebration events.

12/01/2011 04:49:00


New publication highlighting our work on Fiji

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Fiji launched their new publication at the Conference of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Nagoya, Japan with strong contributions and acknowledgements of our work in Fiji.

28/10/2010 15:03:00


Two new species of freshwater fishes discovered in Vanua Levu (Fiji) now internationally recognized

Two new scientific papers have been published in the last several months highlighting the discovery of two new species of freshwater fishes unique to Fiji and only known from two river systems in Vanua Levu. Wetlands International –Oceania staff Aaron Jenkins and Kinikoto Mailautoka, made the n...

22/07/2010 10:55:00


Series of Australian wetland and waterbird projects concluded

Wetlands International has concluded a series of surveys of wetlands and waterbirds in major wetland systems across diverse bioregions and river basins of Australia. During 2007-9, Brisbane-based staff and associates documented the biodiversity assets, importance and management issues of poorly-know...

20/10/2009 01:45:00


Fiji’s inaugural Conservation Science Forum, 5–7 August, 2009

Wetlands International-Oceania (WI-O), in partnership with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), is hosting Fiji’s inaugural Conservation Science Forum from 5th – 7th of August, 2009. This is a three day event which will be held at Studio 6 apartments at 1-3 Walu ...

17/07/2009 02:12:00


Aquaculture diminishes native fish species in Fiji

The invasive fish species of Tilapia and Mosquitofish coming from badly constructed fish farms are diminishing native fish species in Fiji. This is the result of a six-year study to 20 catchments on the Pacific islands. ‘Invasive Alien Species’ is today’s International Day for Biological Diversity t...

21/05/2009 16:15:00

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